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Amy's Arrival!

Shopping, Sickness, Roaches, Quarantine and a Database!!!

Amy arrived almost two weeks ago and it's such a shame that I haven't written any since but let me do a quick rewind.

Amy flew in on a Thursday evening. My dad drove me to the Honolulu International Airport and he dropped me off to go and park the car. I was all ready with leis for us go give her a Hawai'i welcome, but she was already there!!! Her flight got in a little early and she had just found her way to baggage claim as I got there.

I called dad to swing by and pick us up so we could head over to the airport quarantine holding station. We had to wait at least an hour an a half for Scooter's arrival. His plane arrived about half an hour after Amy's and I was happy to see that he survived the flight and was happy to see me. The kind man at the station let me go into Scooter's little "cell" to say hello even though he doesn't usually allow that. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Before we got there he was sitting quietly in his crate. When we left, he was barking like crazy! Poor baby! He spent the night there and was transported to the real Animal Quarantine Station the following day.

Instead of taking Amy back to the apartment, I surprised her with a night at the Ala Moana Hotel. Here is what I like about the hotel: 1) It's 4 stars so it's pretty good, 2) It's RIGHT next to Ala Moana Shopping center and, most importantly, 3) IT IS NOT IN WAIKIKI!!!! We were lucky enough to have a king sized bed and a balcony and I got a reduced "kama'aina rate" (for locals). Amy liked it so much that she thought it was a good investment to stay there another couple of nights! (Again, the rate was really good...it would have cost us more to stay in the Providence Mariott!)

After opening Amy's account at the credit union, we wandered Ala Moana Shopping Center, Ward Center & Ward Warehouse. I think amy was thoroughly pleased by the shopping opportunites! To be quite honest, we spent most of our time shopping around. We also had a great dinner at an AMAZING thai restaurant with almost all of my high school buds and a few friends our group has picked up along the way to total 11 of us! Amy loved the food and the company!

Speaking of food, Amy has been quite adventurous with local cuisine! My high school friends are now teasing me and saying that she's more local than me! (Which food-wise, she kind of is since I don't eat meat...) Amy hasn't had a bad food experience yet!

Unfortunately, both of us came down sick after that weekend. Amy things she caught it from her mom and passed it to me. Ugh. It was horrible because it was just a head cold but boy did it hang over you. I took 4 days off from work! Amy ended up with an ear infection and we had to take her to some random clinic in Waikiki to see a doctor. (She has no insurance yet! Eeep!)

Well, I have to come clean - the main reason that we stayed in a hotel was because I had a roach freak out. Our apartment is beautiful. We're on the 11th floor. There is no reason for us to have roaches in our apartment...but, this IS Hawaii.....

Before amy's arrival, my friend stan volunteered to drive me to pick up a few necessities. We went shopping and arrived at my new apartment around 11pm to unload my purchases. Lo and behold, I saw 3 little friends. Well, 2 little friends, and one monster. I freaked out and immediately vowed to make my place roach free. The next day, I went to the drugstore and bought 6 roach bombs, a can of Raid, sticky roach traps, combat roach traps, boric acid powder, and boric acid caulking paste. Muahahahaha! My dad helped me set 3 bombs (the other 3 are for back-up). I came in the next day to clean up the dead bodies and was happy to see that there weren't too many and they were pretty much centralized in the kitchen (likely, because the sink, dishwasher, and laundry machine are all there...water sources). After cleaning that up, I sprayed raid around, laid roach traps all over, laced the floor next to and around all kitchen appliances with the boric acid and caulked holey spaces with the paste. Now - as my friend Stan says - our apartment is not only roach free, but child killing!

In the meantime, I've been keeping the kitchen spic and span. Amy and I are living quite the bohemian life. Most of our meals recently have been coming out of packages, boxes, and cans (though that's mostly the chicken noodle soup because we're sick). We have no couch we instead have a really cheapy flip & fold futon mattress that will have to be the couch for now. We're borrowing one of my parent's tv's (it's small) and it is currently sitting on a folding chair in the living room. We're sleeping on the murphy bed in our guest bedroom and using my laptop as a computer. Regardless, we have electricity, running water, a fan to keep us cool and - I do have my priorities straight - digital cable tv with a DVR and high speed internet!!! This weekend we're shopping for couches, a tv stand and a new flat screen tv!

Life was difficult without the car while we were so sickly. I had to take painful trips to the drugstore to get meds for us. Not fun. But the car came in and my dad drove us to pick it up. Amy's in the process of getting the registration and everything else that she needs to make the car legal. Yay!

We are also trying to visit Scooter in quarantine as much as possible. The station is kind of far away and traffic here is terrible. He's so skinny. I can tell he's not eating. Amy and I didn't have time to buy him food yesterday so we just grabbed cold cuts from our fridge (turkey & beef). Boy did he inhale that! He will be joining us in a week!!! Yay!

FINALLY, I will soon be the alumna admissions representative for Hawai'i. The amazing woman who was our rep before (who has been "retired" for awhile) wants to pass it on as it's a ton of work. It was as if she was waiting for me to move back! Anyhow, I've been stalking students - phone calls, emails, etc. and the college fair is this Thursday. I've made a few online purchases to enhance this new position of mine: Note cards made from photos of the campus that I took, return address labels, and business cards. I am also planning to have post cards made with photos of Mount Holyoke and Mary Lyon quotes on them. I am also excited to create a student database. I can't seem to find a good way to keep the kids straight using paper. I LOVE DATABASES! I actually think this is one case where I'd use File Maker Pro if I had it. That sorry application hasn't been much use to me...ever. But I think I'd actually use that for this purpose. Excel definitely won't be enough. I'll probably have to make one in Access. I am giddy with excitement!!!

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