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Anyone who knows me will likely know that - for most of my life - I've been generally unamused by football. In 7th grade I distinctly remember writing something (not a paper, but some little article review) about how I didn't think very highly of football.

Let's be honest about it. My first issue is that it's a male-only sport. Not that I think women should be thrown into the mix of that insanity, but still. And if there ever were entire women's football teams at the college or pro level, people just wouldn't care - the way they ALREADY don't care about women's sports. (Unless they're winning medals at the Olympics...) But I digress...

In addition to the whole man-only aspect, you have to admit that it's kind of barbaric in some ways. You can get away with hurting others much more than you can in basketball, etc. I have to also admit that my affinity for the Olympics makes me feel that football isn't a REAL sport. I mean...seriously. It's not in the Olympics. It's not a sport. Okay, it's a sport. Colleges play it. And schools not only accept terrible students to allow them to play football, but they HELP them and give them breaks because they're on the football team! Okay. I'm digressing again. This really isn't a football rant.

Luckily, a couple of things have made me seen football a little differently. First of all, my girlfriend. When you date someone who is a football fanatic who actually understands the game and would probably play football if it was possible, it does influence you. Living in New England made me like the Pats (patriots) and after watching Michigan football (her favorite team; let's just not talk about this past season) how can you not like players like Tom Brady?

Now I'm beginning to get to my point. Hawaii (University of Hawaii) has a football team. They've really never been all that great - there were years when UH didn't even HAVE a football team. June Jones came to Hawaii in maybe 1998 or 1999, and began digging them out of the hole. He was the speaker at my high school graduation. I was one of the class speakers and I sat next to him. I was unimpressed with him. He said "Umm" alot.

Now, June Jones himself isn't someone I'd put up very high as far as his morals (that's for another day) and he is somewhat disliked as he is the highest paid person in the University of Hawaii system at $800,000 (which will likely increase after this season). BUT, he does have a knack for taking in students who've messed up at other schools and has let them come over here for a second chance.

After this amazing season, I've become quite the fan of UH football. I love all the Samoan guys, I love the haka, I love Colt Brennan and all the guys. It's really fun and the entire state is completely obsessed. I can't claim to be a die hard fan. I gave up on them during the Fresno game that they ended up winning. I attended the Boise State game with Amy and other friends and that was CRAZY fun! It was sold out and after the game, the fans went crazy and stormed the field. People were selling tickets to the Washington game for as high as $500!!! (Tickets, by the way, are about $38 when bought at the box office.)

Anyhow, attending my very first real football game was very exciting. The energy of the fans was my favorite part. I wish I could have gone to the Washington game, but...well...that's what ESPN2 is for. I was in the grocery store when the game started and by the time I got back to the car, the score was 21 Washington to 0 Hawaii. That was just the first 10 minutes of the game! I was definitely sad, but once we got home, we turned on the tv to see Hawaii make their first touchdown. Hawaii managed to get their stuff together and won the game. They could have one it by more points, but a couple of times, the ball was *almost* caught in the endzone but just missed. But no matter - Hawaii won and is the only undefeated team in the nation.

I'm so glad that they're going to a BCS bowl game - I just hope Colt gets an invite to New York as a Heisman nominee. He's amazing - you can't doubt that. He's incredibly humble and loves his team. I can't belive that ESPN was spouting mis-information saying that Tim Tebow had the most touchdowns in college history - ummm...hello. Colt actually did MORE than that LAST season. I don't know how people can be offended by June Jones' statement about Colt and Tim, etc. He clearly wasn't picking on Tim (Tebow) and was just trying to get Colt some national attention.

Well, obviously, if the media controlls our politics it will, of course, be able to control sports. *sigh* I don't know how much of a chance Hawaii actually has at beating Georgia, but I hope they don't get creamed - I hope they'll manage to put up a good fight.

The UH team has done alot for Hawaii and everywhere you go, you see people wearing UH t-shirts. It's a very exciting time. Colt has managed to become one of "ours" and he even took 3 semesters of Samoan and calls some of his plays in Samoan! I also love our "warrior" mascot. He cracks me up.

Amy compared Colt to Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake thinks he's black...well...Colt Brennan seems to think he's Samoan! But no matter. Those boys are amazing and have pulled alot off - partially with talent, and partially with desire, alot of heart, and just believing in themselves.


Posted by hulagirl 15:03

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